Thursday, June 30, 2011

corncrib gazebo - progress report

Progress but not finished....

We have the foundation almost finished.  Next:  The floor.

Be back soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

corncrib gazebo

I worked for my employer, or in the yard until early evening when hubby went fishing at Lake Erie.  For some reason he and the boys like to night fish.  Don't take me wrong, I'm not complaining.  It is extremely rare I get "ME" time, or the house to myself, so I was practically counting the minutes until they left.

Once gone, I weeded a couple unruly flower beds, and began leveling the dirt under the cornzebo. 

I think I'll use this old grinding stone for the center, and radiate red brick out from there.  I still have 908 I bought at a yard sale last summer. 

I'm thinking about using these gray pavers around the outside edge for the actual corncrib wire frame to sit on.
These are the bricks I have left that I bought at a yard sale last summer.

I have a four day weekend next weekend.  I hope to have this completed by then.... I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I wish I could make these pictures scratch and sniff...

I took a vacation day today to do some things that occasionally need done during the week.  While I'm waiting for our attorney to get to his office, I thought I'd take a walk around the yard and check out what's blooming today.  The air is heady with the smell of roses, peonias and honeysuckle.  I wish I could make the pictures scratch and sniff so you could enjoy it also.  But since I can't here are a few pictures I hope you enjoy.

My buttercups just started blooming yesterday
I added an old piece of mirror to the back of the shed window to help reflect the light and add depth to the window box.

These two roses are covering the new gazebo nicely. They are just full of gorgeous blooms.

 And this rose is certainly an over achiever. It's also incorporating the new corncrib gazebo into the landscape.

More roses. I love this peach colored one. It is absolutely covered in beautiful fragrant flowers.

 This old white rose only blooms in the spring, but the smell is intoxicating. You can smell this rose clear across the yard.  I'm told this rose is as old as the house... my house was built in 1882.
I love this red rose with the blue delphinium, the white pickets and the brick.

This white climbing rose was planted last year, and is covering an arbor that leads into the vegetable garden.

Here's another very fragrant flower and my favorite peonia. It's so fantastically fragrant.  I wish you could smell it...

A close up of one of the roses covering my corncrib gazebo.  Isn't it pretty.

Kittens in the garden.  Who doesn't love kittens..... If I could only keep them off the plants.

My Mom gave me this old wagon.  She bought it at a sale because she hated to see it unloved.  My hen and chicks love this wagon and so do I.

My delphiniums are just beginning to bloom.  I use an old fireplace screen to help support them.  It works great.

One of my iris paired with some bottle art. I love the colors.

At old mailbox turned into a planter.

A face hanging on the side of our house.  This says it all.  Spring if FINALLY here.