Saturday, July 30, 2011

Man is it hot outside... and a few things from July 2011

Work on the cornzebo has been disappointingly slow.
It's been too hot to work on it.
I borrowed my SIL Sherman's truck a couple of
Saturday's ago and got some pea gravel from the local

It took me a couple of hours to unload.  My furry
helper wasn't much help.  He wanted to lay in the doorway
of the cornzebo, or stand on the gravel, anywhere that
was inconvenient. :)

I used a small grinding stone in the center.

You may remember the red bird we made earlier in
the year.  Well now its perched in a large patch of

I made this little planter for my desk and
added one of my smaller hand crafted
found object wooden dragonflies.

Since the cornzebo isn't round, and more
octagonal, and I laid the footer pavers underneath
the corncrib free hand, I'm afraid it will be a
huge undertanking to try to lay a solid brick
floor.  So I decided to add pea gravel and try
to create an old abandoned relic type feel.  Like
it's been there forever.  I started out thinking maybe
brick sections large enough for the chairs surrounded
by gravel but I'm not feeling it.  So, I think I'm going to
continue the round center out, and see where it takes me.
Any ideas?

We made this bench out of limbs that came out in a huge storm.
It's one of my favorite things.  This year its starting to
grow fungai on it.

We hung this old kettle in the trees for a robin to nest in, but
alas no birds have yet called it home.  I guess I'll be moving it
before next spring.

This is a $5 wheelbarrow missing the tire.  I found the
old wheel in someones trash and drug it home.  Hubby
added it to this wheelbarrow for me.  Love the way it
looks now full of blooms.

I have always liked this crooked old brick.

I have been wanting to tear up our stained, ugly carpet for several
years but my husband said we needed it.  Well, he went to work
one day, and I didn't.  Bye bye carpet!  I just couldn't live with
it another day.  I had to cut around the heavy tv cabinet, and a very
large cupboard, until hubby could help me remove the last of it.
He wasn't happy abut it, but has pretty much gotten over it. :)

This pig was my mothers. It guards my shed now.

I bought my first new piece of furniture. I'm 53 and just bought something
new.  Hubby and I like to recline when we watch tv, so we got something
new.  I tore the carpet up the morning this was to be delivered.

One more thing:  We hung some cute lights up around the
round brick patio and pond.  I love them.  They remind
me of the days when I went to camp as a kid.
They're hard to take a pic of so maybe I'll show
them off later.

We enjoyed everyone who came to our July 4th cookout
and watched the fireworks with us.  Thanks for making
our day special.


rachel said...

All the flowers look beautiful!! I really like the wheel you found for the wheelbarrow~looks like it was made for it!

jennifer768 said...

Your flowers are beautiful!Love the wheelbarrow and the tree branch bench.Have a great evening,Jen

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow.....Now I need to wipe the drool off my keyboard....You gardens and plantings are absolutely amazing!! One would never know it was so hot there - everything looks so lush and thriving. And I love all your garden accents - that wheelbarrow is absolutely perfect with its new "old" wheel; and love the crooked brick - and the pig!!! Beautiful home you have!! Have a wonderful week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

lilraggedyangie said...

Love it mom , it all is fabulous! I have gotten great pics of your yard and garden this year as Well! and the lil furry helpers sure need a new home i say have a give away mail em to the cranky crow , I dont figure Mr Cranky Crow will really leave if they are a give away win ! lol

Mrsjeff said...

Your gardens and decorations are wonderful. A real inspiration!
I love the bench!

Karen said...

The cornzebo continues to fascinate me; we have a stone house 'thing' I'm trying to build and it's taken me five years. I just know this will not take you as long to finish. About the floor, I think the design you are going with is really pretty. We have frost issues here and the concrete floor in our little dome has heaved up and down every year, but the design is very similar to yours. We have to redo it again to get it level (maybe next spring, since the summer is growing short, lol)

All your flowers and your special touches in the gardens work so well together, beautiful garden!

Lynn said...

I found your blog from your dd Angie's blog. Oh my your gardens are just gorgeous!! I love the handmade items you have made for it. Thanks so much for sharing those beautiful pictures with us.