Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's blooming, Mischief about, and a weekend road trip

Here are some pics of what's blooming in my Central Ohio yard. 

This is my version of bottle tree meets Chihuly glass redneck on a tight budget style :)

I have three kittens I would love to find a new home.  Anyone interested?  My daughter Lil Raggedy Angie
took one.... 3 left.

The Mr. and I took a quick drive to the cemetery where his parents are buried. 

After the cemetery we drove down to Mammoth Cave near Bowling Green, KY.  We loved it but we love caves.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Ok, I'm here to confess that I had no idea that clouds were so fascinating.  I mean, I've always loved seeing clouds, and watching them drift by... but on a recent trip home from Virginia, I aquired a new fascination and perspective on clouds.

The weather was beautiful that day.  On a flight from Richmond, VA to Charlotte, NC we were flying above the clouds.  Now, I may sound like an idiot, but I never expected looking down on clouds to look more like the antarctic than clouds.  These pictures don't portray the story well.  I took them with my cell phone.  However, I was amazed that the clouds looked like an icy landscape.  There were mountain ranges in the distance, and peaks jutting up here and there.  And occasional areas of blue, like water.  I was totally fascinated the entire flight.

Oh, and imagine my surprise, as I am searching for the end of my seatbelt, and look up to see my brother walking up the aisle toward me.  I looked at him twice, mouth agape, and realized it wasn't actually my brother, but his twin!  (no he isn't a twin)  And then he sat right beside me.  By this time, I was befuddled, and blurted out "You look exactly like my brother!"  He took it well and told me that everyone tells him that.  LOL  We talked most of the flight, and ogled the clouds.
I hope you enjoy my cloud pics.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A surprise

When I was planting the shrubs around the front of the house I spied this pretty little blue egg.  It must have fallen from a nest in one of the trees and handed on this branch of our spruce tree.

I thought you might enjoy seeing it too.

Mothers Day, we're lacking curb appeal, and new found object art sculpture installation

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day.  Today is a BEAUTIFUL day in Central Ohio. I am way behind in my spring yard and garden chores due to the excessive rain we've been having the last few weeks. 
I was very blessed on Mother's Day to enjoy the company of most of my children and grandchildren.

Here are a few pics for your enjoyment.
Can you smell the lilacs?  They sure smell good...

We patched the roof of the cornzebo with rubber roofing tape.
I'm glad we positioned the hole to the back of the house.

Since we placed the cornzebo in an existing flower bed, I still
needed to remove the brick edging.

We got the roof cap back up, not exactly perfect, but good for now..

My iris are starting to bloom.

My hubby and son-in-law Joe making me a found object
or scrap metal sculpture for my garden for Mother's Day.

My New Longhorn

This is his new home (at least for now) Any suggestions for names?

Rachel made me this cute wallhanging for Mother's Day

My grandkids gave me the gift of their laughter

My daughter Angie made this crow

Kimberly got me some plants and floor tile for my bathroom

Since today was nice, and I have a lot of vacation days
to use, I stayed home today and worked in my yard.  Our
front yard has zero curb appeal.  We have 30' tall white pines
that hide the view except from this angle.  It has looked
like an abandoned house for far too long.  Today I
bought some yellow twig dogwood and planted around
the front.  I need it to be zero to minimal maintenance
and look better.  So, once small step towards curb appeal
on an extreme budget.

You just never know what treasures you'll find when digging
around an old house.  I found these shards of old crocks.