Saturday, October 22, 2016

Folk art wood pumpkin

I saw a fabric pumpkin felt project a few years ago that inspire me to design a similar wood pumpkin.

I started with a scrap 1" x 12" board.  Once I had a drawing I liked, I traced it out of a file folder so it would be stiff enough for me to trace onto wood.

I originally made this a couple of years ago, but it needed repainted.  I decided my pumpkin needed a new look.  So I started by painting the main body orange.  The stem was brown previously so I left as is for now.

You can see in this pic that it originally had a scrap wood nose, and I had originally painted on white eyes and mouth.  This time I wanted to add more dimension with some type of eyes.  I decided on round wood drawer pulls but I didn't like them as is.  I ended up cutting the back off so they sat closer to the pumpkin.  I glued them on and I like the dimension they give my project.

I used five colors on my pumpkin.  Orange, brown, green, white and yellow.  Now, I am by NO means a painter, so I looked on pinterest and the internet for paintings of pumpkins to get some ideas on how to paint it.  This is how I did mine.

At this point I wasn't sure I had made the right choice, the brown, white and green seemed so bright and now what I was thinking.  But as I blended more, added yellow and softened everything up it started looking better.  I blended the nose in and added the eyes.

Here is my finished pumpkin.  I personally adore it.  I blended colors into the stem also, to create depth,  I like his heady little eyes, his nose, everything.  There isn't anything perfect about it, but I admire imperfection, so it's perfect for me.

I hope you'll leave a note if my pumpkin inspires you to create something fun.  

Have fun and be creative!


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Karen said...

Myra, that pumpkin is Adorable!! I love it! You always have the best ideas.