Saturday, April 9, 2016

Plate flowers

My daughters, and granddaughter made plate flowers a couple of weeks ago.  They are so easy to make, you won't be able to resist making more than one!

I have been collecting supplies from thrift stores and finally had enough for all of us.  If you look closely at the picture you will be able to tell I have tried to make them using a variety of different things.  I especially enjoyed mixing in metal pieces. I used an old light fixture on one, and one reminds me of an exotic jungle flower.

I added bead stamens to this one.
I really like this one.  I like the mix of silver and copper, and wavy edges, textures and color.

This one doesn't have any metal but I love the shapes and colors.

I hope if you decide to create a plate flower, you have as much fun as we did!


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peggy said...

Those are so pretty! Knowing how to choose the right combinations is a real art. Happy Saturday!