Thursday, November 27, 2014

Scrap wood heart, found object dragonfly


I'm sharing these scrap wood hearts I made.  I made a small one for an Eco Art Fest.  It needed to be made from recycled, up-cycled, objects. 

This one is made from old wood lath, a piece of fancy trim, a wood dowel, a wooden chair rung, and a piece of an old trim board.  I wanted it to be dimensional so I added the round wood pieces (dowel, chair rung etc.)  To finish it off I added an old key.  I started by drawing a heart shape on a very thin piece of wood paneling.  I cut the paneling out with a jigsaw.  Then I gathered up wood scraps that I could cut to shape.  I decided on the pattern I wanted, what direction I wanted to lay the boards and then started cutting them to shape following the heart pattern I had cut out.  Once cut I used carpenters wood glue and short nails to attach the boards to the pattern.  I tried to cut the wood pieces a little bit longer than the pattern so it wasn't visible.  Some of my boards were thin, so I had to shorten the small nails with side cutters. 

My daughter Rachel wanted me to make her a large one for her birthday.  Here is the one I made for her.

This one is made out of scrap wood lath, an old wood curtain rod with grooves in it, a piece of wainscoting cap, some chippy white crown molding, delicate gold trim, two old rulers, a chair rung, and then I added a crusty cupboard lock, an old key and a small piece of ruler.  You can tell how large this one is compared to the glass and paper plate.  I really enjoyed making these, but it took me several hours to find the right pieces to give me the look and pattern I wanted. 
Another scrap project is this dragonfly I made out of an old wooden rocker arm, some scrap wood trim pieces, and some found object eyes.  I think it turned out cute.
If these inspire you to try something new please comment and let me know.

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