Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting my crafty on, and my favorite jack o lantern comes to life

Recently my daughters and I had a art / craft show and these are a couple of the things I made.   BTW my daughter Rachel helped A LOT with the painting and finish work.  Thank you Rachel.

I looked at scare crows online and then came up with my version of a couple I liked.  His head is one piece of wood, then I used old wood lathe to create the hat brim, and gave some a pine cone flower on their hat brim.  Then added an old shirt, and crow to some of their shoulders.  I thought they turned out pretty cute.  I gave them crazy noses made out of scrap wood, and barbed wire mouths.

I also made a bunch of different wood pumpkins but these are some of my favorites.  Rachel helped me paint them and add unique features to each.

I made a pattern for the whimsical shaped pumpkin and I LOVE IT.  It is so cute. (at least to me :)

And this one is my fave shape.  I drew it out on paper and then made a stencil out of an old manila folder.  I made them in three different sizes.  I love the long curvy stems.
I had a lot of fun making these fall things for the craft fair.


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Karen said...

You are so talented, I know I've said that before, but these are wonderful! So cute!