Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting my crafty on, and my favorite jack o lantern comes to life

Recently my daughters and I had a art / craft show and these are a couple of the things I made.   BTW my daughter Rachel helped A LOT with the painting and finish work.  Thank you Rachel.

I looked at scare crows online and then came up with my version of a couple I liked.  His head is one piece of wood, then I used old wood lathe to create the hat brim, and gave some a pine cone flower on their hat brim.  Then added an old shirt, and crow to some of their shoulders.  I thought they turned out pretty cute.  I gave them crazy noses made out of scrap wood, and barbed wire mouths.

I also made a bunch of different wood pumpkins but these are some of my favorites.  Rachel helped me paint them and add unique features to each.

I made a pattern for the whimsical shaped pumpkin and I LOVE IT.  It is so cute. (at least to me :)

And this one is my fave shape.  I drew it out on paper and then made a stencil out of an old manila folder.  I made them in three different sizes.  I love the long curvy stems.
I had a lot of fun making these fall things for the craft fair.


Meet Nosey Rosie

Meet Nosey Rosie.  You don't want her sticking her big nose in your business.

Rosie was fun to make, and super easy to do.

I used wooden dowel rods to hold the pumpkins together.  I staked the bottom pumpkin into the dirt of the old kettle where flowers were done blooming.  I then used the dowel and poked a hold in the bottom of the "head" pumpkin so I could slide it on once it was in place.  I then staked the middle pumpkin to the bottom pumpkin making sure the dowel remained exposed on top so I could slide her head onto it.

I added a strip of burlap for a scarf and an old cowboy hat I had bought at a yard sale.  I used two long nails with a head to attach the hat so it wouldn't blow away.

We have been enjoying Rosie for several weeks and she is still looking good.