Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zen wind chime

Here is a wind chime hubby and I made.  I had the vision, and he figured out how to make my vision reality.

A neighbor had a trampoline damaged in a storm, and being the re-cycler aka hoarder I am, I brought some of the frame home to use in projects.  Here is a section we turned into a wind chime that stand about 4 1/2' high.

Here is how we made it.

The part you see at the top of the picture is in the ground, and we trimmed off the curved part in the bottom right of the picture, making an L shape.

I cut 5 pieces of scrap copper pipe in graduated sizes.
We drilled holes in the top of each copper pipe.

And holes in the bottom of the trampoline frame.  We threaded fishing line thru the holes in the trampoline frame to hang the copper pipe.

Hubby used cotter pins to make hangers in the pipe pieces.  (see next two pics)

We hung them by the fishing line and installed in the ground in a flower bed.  It sounds mellow and sweet when the wind blows, as the copper pipes collide with each other.

If this inspires you to try something similar let me know.



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Karen said...

Hello Myra, welcome back! I guess you've been busy, wow! Look at all the projects. The windchimes are wonderful, we were just looking at some today and now you've given me a good idea. And the angels and mother and child sculptures are extraordinary. Love the drill bit too, looks fantastic in the hosta bed. You are very talented and I am SO glad you're computer is now behaving so you can share all your new artworks.