Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY birdbath

By now you know I'm all about recycling and DIY, and gardening, and flea markets....

I wanted to add some pops of color to my yard, in addition to extra spots for the birds and butterflies to hang out.  So I created these bird baths out of pretty bowls of various sizes, blue beer bottles, vases, candle holders etc.   There are more of these in my immediate future, and some will probably end up as Christmas gifts.  Here are some I've made this summer....

(Please ignore the ugly foot in the pic - I need to be more careful when taking pics)

I hope these inspire you to look at things in a new way.  These were so easy to make and enjoy.

Use GEII silicone and allow them to dry a minimum of 2 days before using them.


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