Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching up

Hello friends, Several things have been going on the last few weeks.... I hope you can make sense of the pictures and text. I couldn't seem to get blogger to cooperate. Last Friday evening we had a big storm roll thru and drench us. There was water everywhere after that. Kaylee was with me, so after dinner she and I went wading in the puddles... it was her first time puddling... Kaylee and my feet in a large puddle.
The last weekend of April we spent the weekend in a pretty mountain top cabin near Townsend, TN. We had a family hike on Saturday. She drove thru Cades Cove and hiked Abram's Falls trail. The weather was perfect, the company great, and the trail a bit rough, but everyone made it out, and enjoyed the scenery. We came across a bear cub eating some leaves, who totally ignored us. He was adorable and only a few feet off the trail. We all stayed alert and looking for it's mother... luckily she didn't return while we were so close.
This is the view from the back deck.
The week before that I was in Virginia for work. It was a very good trip. We got a tour of the Norfolk port. There was so much going on there, its a wonder things run as smoothly as they do. I was fascinated with the huge cranes and equipment. Went to Virginia Beach on Thursday afternoon. It was chilly and very windy but I had to take off my shoes and walk in the sand. I've never been to a real beach before. The sand was warm beneath my feet, and I rolled up my pants and waded in the ocean. It was cool. We only stayed a couple hours and then had to head back toward Richmond and our hotel.
Saturday my daughter Rachel came over and helped me unload gravel, and she, Mark and I laid the stone we have been collecting for the floor of the cornzebo. I thought we had more than enough, but we barely had enough. I need to level several stones, cut some small pieces for the larger gaps, and then finish packing the cracks with gravel. While it's not the pretty circular patio I dreamed of, the only expense I have in it is gravel. The cornzebo is starting to look like a comfy spot. Older roses have covered the one side, and are getting ready to bloom. I have moved 3 roses to the cornzebo, and bought 10 bagged roses from Walmart and Big Lots. They were each under $5.00. They aren't the fancy english roses, but they'll be perfect for me.
This is the so called super moon peaking over my arbor. I couldn't tell a difference.
This is my and Kaylee's version of a bottle tree. It brings color to the flower bed when flowers aren't blooming. I know it's tacky, redneck and odd but Kaylee and I like it.
The weather is warm here and storms have been rumbling thru the last hour or so.... my newly planted roses can use a good drink to get them off to a good start. And who doesn't love to hear it rain??? Myra


lilraggedyangie said...

That sure is one cute kid :0) puddles made a huge impression thats all I have heard about since ! I think the cornzebo floor looks far better than you are giving yourself credit for I like it better than the round one you dreamed of ! The bear cub is cute but I woulda freaked ...but thanks for the glimpse of the mountains i sure miss them ...guess its just in our blood ! <3 ya

Rachel said...

Boy Kaylee sure looks like she had fun! I love the first pic of her with her tongue out! :) I think your cornzebo is looking AMAZING! The floor turned out pretty good I think & I'm sure once the finishing touches are done it'll be perfect!

Oldy said...

Ola Girlfriend!

Really enjoyed your catchup. Love the cornzebo and the bottle tree. Vicki and I saw lots of bottle trees in Eureka Springs. I think they're very charming . I think I'm'a make me one :)
luv me

smocha said...

woops...commented under my wrong Id,

Lona said...

Oh that brings back good memories of stomping in water puddles.LOL! The hike is in such a beautiful area. I would love that. Your Cornzebo is looking good with the flagstones down. Roses around it is such a good idea and it will be beautiful. Have a great week.