Thursday, February 16, 2012

US west


My life is very boring so I haven't had much to post about. However Hubby and I are considering going out west sometime this year. We're looking at the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Mesa Verde, LA, The Meteor Crater, as options.

Has anyone been to any of these and have pointers, tips, little known attractions in the area they can recommend?

I would love to hear any feedback you have regarding the area.



Marilyn said...

saw your post about the grand canyon, bryce. etc. wow, i have been to both of them. both are something to see. grand canyon you look DOWN, and in Bryce you look UP. seriously beautiful both places and not that far apart, well worth doing both. We did both on one vacation of a week long when the kids were little.
went to the North Rim of the Grand Caynon, camped in their site, that was nice, crowded but nice. and then in bryce, wow, loved that moose right in the campe site, and other wildlife. it was so cool to see the sandstone formations. if you like to hike, it is much more level the grand caynon is a major effort, up or down the long narrow, dangerous trail. always wanted to do the other you mentioned, but haven't so far.

Marilyn said...
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