Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Headboard progress....

Hubby and I were able to work on the headboard Sunday. It's finally starting to look like it might be something.....

So far I like it. A few more finishing touches, and some stain. If it looks ok stained - great. If not, I'll paint and age it.

So far we have $19.94 usd in it. Good thing I'm a hoarder. Oh, did I say that out loud? Oh well, you probably guessed that by now.

I have scavaged and collected all of the trim, boards etc. over several years. I can hardly wait to get it finished. Then I need to redo the room to go with it :)

It's laying on it's side, it's getting top heavy. The bottom board you see will be behind the mattress, so it won't really show.

I'll be back with more pics once I get it stained.

Have a great week.

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