Monday, January 16, 2012

dreaming of my Cornzebo

I have found a design concept I would like to try in my cornzebo. Keep in mind I won't have the same shapes, but I like how lots of contrasting shapes, sizes and colors are combined to create a very unique surface.

I found this pic at I have some random size and shapes of old stone sidewalk. Not cement, stone. It is a very soft gray color. I could mix in some brick bats, etc for color. And since I'll need to make the round shapes, I could lightly color a few of those also. I don't want it too flashy, but earthy colors like this is.

My stone is more like the second picture. I like this one also, but I LOVE the first one.

Now that I have an idea of what I want, I have to go into hunter/gatherer mode. LOL I need to have my plan, and supplies ready for spring. I'm so excited!

Now I just have to decide whether to make the lighting very rustic, or whimsical, and find accessories to complement my rusty fun cornzebo.


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