Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's just about time to get out our snow family

A couple of years ago Hubby and I made a snow family outdoor display. Our son-in-law's father had some 1" x 4" lumber that had been removed from the walls of a store, and was being thrown away. So hubby stopped by on his way home from work, and brought it home.

I had been wanting to make a large wooden snowman to display during the winter. Something that would make me smile when I pulled into the driveway on the dark, cold, winter evenings.

After a few hours labor, the used boards, and some miscellaneous chair parts, and scrap trim, and this is what we came up with. The big guy is a bit over 7' tall and the little one around 3'.

I look forward to getting them out again this winter. Maybe this coming weekend (if it ever quits raining) they'll once again bring a bit of cheer to our home.

Do you have something you have made (or purchased) for display during the holidays?



Rachel said...

I still love your snow family ~ they are so very cute!

smocha said...

I also love them. They are indeed cheery!

Lona said...

How cute Myra! I just love the Snowman family with their sparkling eyes. You did such a wonderful job of making and painting them up.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Cute snowfolk, Myra - they must be huge though!! All the things I make for the holidays are small little stitcheries and crafts and stuff for INSIDE the house. I do make it an annual tradition, though, to fill my old copper boiler on the sled on my porch with greens and lights.... Have a wonderful Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

peggy said...

They are cool! And so much better because they are made by you!

Karen said...

Myra, the closest I can come to something I've made is upside down tomato cages masquerading as Christmas trees with plastic garland. What does this tell you about my creativity level??

Love your snow family and what a great reuse of materials. Carl is always bringing stuff home and that's great, but so much of it is piled sky-high. We could be on that TV show for pickers or Hoarders or something, he has SO much junk. (Of course, I have an eye for some of it, too, but the operative word here is 'some'...not all, lol!)

I sure hope a lot more people have seen your blog through the Tootsie meme; if anyone deserves to have their name out there for beautiful creations, it would be you!

I've also gone over and visited your daughter's blog, too, and was just amazed. The talent in your family runs very deep. You are all artists.

Pam said...

Very cute snow family. And they're huge too!

earlene said...

I don't get the exclamation sigh? What does it mean?