Sunday, October 23, 2011

A - Z

A – Age? Well since Lilraggedyangie is 25, that makes me 42. BUT, since she lied about her age I am actually 53.

B – Bees. I’m allergic. Almost died the summer I was 15.
Bucket list: I’ve been working on mine a lot the last couple of years. I don’t want to get old and unable to do the things I’ve always dreamed of .

C – Cats. My husband loves his cats. We have my mothers aloof cat Millie inside. And Scruffy, Fluffy, Buddy and Oreo outside.

D – Determined, dependable, driven, down to earth, ... I think these D words describe some of my stronger qualities.
Dragonflies. I love making dragonflies out of old chair parts, and found objects.
Dad… gone but never forgotten.

E – Earrings. I feel naked without them.

F – Family. I was a single mother for 18 years. My daughter’s mean everything to me.
Freckles. My mother told me they were angel kisses. I must be very loved.

G – gardening. I love to feel the earth beneath my bare feet, and the smell of dirt in early spring.
granny - I love being a granny.
my grandmother Matha gave birth to 15 children. She was a hard working woman. I will never be half the woman she was. Her life was so hard, and she was so strong. I miss her.
Gargoyles. I walked among the gargoyles at Biltmore Castle.
Google is my friend.

H – our old house was built in 1882. It cost $4500.00 and the brick was made in the field behind the house. This is an old picture of our house.

I – Intrigued at how a satellite way up in space can find my precise location among millions of other people, and tell me how to get somewhere. I mean really….

J – June – my mother was a very complex but simple person. She was inspiring, Junker. My mother was a junker too. We were junkers before shows like American Pickers made it popular.

K – Kia Sorento. Just got me one. Lovin it.
Kimberly and Kaylee. Two of my favorite blondes.

L – Love the smell of fresh hay and popcorn.

M – Memories. I have forgotten more than I remember but cherish the ones I have.
Mountains – they are where I must journey occasionally because I love the mountains. I am very proud of my Appalachian ancestry. My mother grew up here.

N – Nicknames: My, Myrna, Meera, Mom

O – Obstacles:. Life can be off the hook sometimes. Just when you think you have enough money, enough time, enough energy, life throw’s you a curve ball. DUCK! Obstacles are what keeps us on our toes.

P – Pirate party: Cody had a pirate themed birthday party a couple of years ago…
Proud to be a Partin.
Patriotism. My fathers funeral.

Q – Quote: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

R – Rag top. Hubby and I bought a new top for our roadster and successfully disassembled the frame, and installed the new top. We did GOOD!
Rachel my middle child. My little me.

S – Suzuki Savage 650 is what I currently ride. I bought it on Ebay and we drove to St. Louis and picked it up.
Sisters: I have 1 sister, and my mother had many sisters…

T – Tombstones. I love really old cemeteries. My mother and I used to explore cemeteries together. I especially love the angel and women statues. I would love to create a book called Silent Beauty of cemetery art.

U – Unique. I am proud to be unique .

V – Vacation – A picture from our most recent vacation. Even one day “vacations” are fabulous.

W – Wading. If I see standing water I want to shuck off my shoes and wade in it….
White water rafting on the New River for my hubby’s 50th birthday.
Welding – I hope to become a competent welder this winter. Hubby got me a welder so I can learn. I enjoy making scrap metal art.

X – Xanax. There should be more xanax in the world.

Y – Yodel? Uh no. Not one of my talents.

Z – Zane my oldest grandson. I would like to spend more time with him.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cousins, Cornzebo, butterflies and helpers


I thought I'd share a few pics.  I don't have the "gift of gab" my oldest daughter has, or the primming skills of my middle daughter, but I have pictures. Sometimes they say much more than words.

I drove 104 miles last Saturday to hang out with two my childhood friends.  Two of my female cousins. When we were younger our mothers all lived within 100 miles of each other, so we spent holidays and summer vacations together.  One lives in Oregon, and the other near Cincinnati.  We got together to celebrate my Aunt's birthday, and spend an afternoon catching up with each other.  I really enjoyed seeing them.  Here we are.  It's hard to tell I'm related to the tall, thin blonde isn't it :)

Sunday I received a call from Kaylee asking if she could come to my house for the day.  So I went and picked her up.  She and I chased camera shy butterflies throughout the yard.

Then she helped gather up the vases and bottles from the bottle garden, to pack away for the winter.  The bottle garden is "our thing" she and I have created the last two years. She says it's our garden crafty.

We decided to work on the cornzebo.  Since I didn't get a brick floor layed this summer, we just spread the gravel for now.  Somone had to try making a "snow angel" in the gravel dust.  Her entire backside was white but she had fun.  After our gravel spreading, hubby brought the grill up from the back patio, so we can grill during the winter.  Since the cornzebo is located outside our kitchen door, it will be a convenient covered location to grill even when the weather is nasty. 

My helper decided we needed to have a picnic to celebrate.  So we had hotdogs.  I'm pretty sure the cats were liking the picnic idea too.  You can see they're stalking her.

Here's a pic of a bench Angie spotted in someone's trash and sent The Mr. to get for me.  It looks like its made out of an old headboard and a crib.  I need to put a new cover on the seat.  Hubby repaired it, and glued it up.  You can see the clamps in the picture.  The cats think it was added for their pleasure and have claimed it.  Uh no.

Kaylee also helped me catch the goldfish that summered in the fish pond.  It's name is Ono, but she likes to call it Nemo.  We both got a bit wet trying to catch that wiley fish.  I guess that's how he survived the raccoons all summer.

Hubby helped The Mr. on the new house Saturday afternoon while I was gone.  We'll be helping them move this weekend. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

A day at Old Man's Cave

The hubby and I took grandkids Cody and Kaylee hiking at Old Man's cave last Sunday.  They were both very excited.  They said they had never been hiking before.  It was a little over 100 miles from our house, but we took lots of stuff to entertain them and they did great.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from that day.

I spent the afternoon with Kaylee and she wanted to know if we could go hiking again this weekend. LOL  I told her we needed to work on her new house, but maybe we could in a couple weeks after they're moved.