Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Did anyone else feel the tremor today? 

I told my sister the earth shook just for her.  It's her birthday:)

I work in a multi story glass building, which tends to shake a bit from heavy walkers etc., so yeah, we felt it shake today.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Just checking in...

It's been busy here the last few weeks. The month started out hot.  Hubby and I travelled down to Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We enjoyed seeing the underground waterfall, and all the cave formations.  Then for Hubby's birthday we did a zip line obstacle course.  We thought we were going to a zip line course, where you access different zip lines via hanging bridges, but it was a bit more tricky than that.  I am sad to say that the obstacle course kicked my butt.  I ended up falling and chose not to complete the course.  Hubby however finished the course triumphantly.  After all that exhausting fun (in 106 degree temps) we headed toward Hot Springs, Arkansas to spend a couple of days with family.  We had a nice visit, except for the 108 - 110 degree heat.  We spent a little time lounging in the lake keeping cool, thrift store shopping, and just hanging out.

My sister Heather, my daughter Rachel and I took the kids to the Columbus, Ohio zoo on Friday.  We had a good time.  I think I enjoyed the polar bear exhibit and the aquarium the most.  They started back to school today.  I guess summer if officially over.  We got to pet a flamingo.  That's something I don't do every day.  I may carry around a chicken, but not a flamingo.

My daughter Angie spent the weekend peddling her wares at a craft show.  She enjoyed meeting new people, and making new friends, but sales were lighter than she had hoped.

My yard and house are in need of some attention.  I spent Sunday tearing apart two old chairs for the spindles.  I am working on some new dragonflies, scrap metal sculpture and assumblage collage.

Would anyone be interested in winning a free found object dragonfly for your garden?  I was thinking about have a giveaway...

I'll hope to get the flowers weeded, the cornzebo floored and have some fun in the next couple of weeks.  I'll post again soon.

If there are enough comments and interest in winning a free one of a kind hand crafted found object dragonfly I'll post one. I dismantled a beautiful old rocker the other day and I got a lot of spindles out of it.