Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's blooming, Mischief about, and a weekend road trip

Here are some pics of what's blooming in my Central Ohio yard. 

This is my version of bottle tree meets Chihuly glass redneck on a tight budget style :)

I have three kittens I would love to find a new home.  Anyone interested?  My daughter Lil Raggedy Angie
took one.... 3 left.

The Mr. and I took a quick drive to the cemetery where his parents are buried. 

After the cemetery we drove down to Mammoth Cave near Bowling Green, KY.  We loved it but we love caves.


earlene said...

have a Comfry plant! It is one of my fav's! Your plants are beautiful.
We were near there too stopping on our way home from Alabama. My husband likes to visit The Corvette Museum. We were in there for about 1 1/2 hours
By the way I love your daughters sense of humor.

rachel said...

Your flowers are looking so pretty! I have the peony you gave me yesterday on my shelf by my sink so I could smell it when I was doing the dishes ~ Cody couldn't believe it smelled so good!!

lilraggedyangie said...

Mom always has the best flowers ! I hope them kitties get a good new home soon ! fudge says he doesn't need a roommate he loves getting all the attention !

Lona said...

Your roses and peonies are just beautiful. Things are starting to bloom like crazy now. I see your delphiniums are about to bloom also. I love to see the blue ones in bloom.