Friday, May 27, 2011


Ok, I'm here to confess that I had no idea that clouds were so fascinating.  I mean, I've always loved seeing clouds, and watching them drift by... but on a recent trip home from Virginia, I aquired a new fascination and perspective on clouds.

The weather was beautiful that day.  On a flight from Richmond, VA to Charlotte, NC we were flying above the clouds.  Now, I may sound like an idiot, but I never expected looking down on clouds to look more like the antarctic than clouds.  These pictures don't portray the story well.  I took them with my cell phone.  However, I was amazed that the clouds looked like an icy landscape.  There were mountain ranges in the distance, and peaks jutting up here and there.  And occasional areas of blue, like water.  I was totally fascinated the entire flight.

Oh, and imagine my surprise, as I am searching for the end of my seatbelt, and look up to see my brother walking up the aisle toward me.  I looked at him twice, mouth agape, and realized it wasn't actually my brother, but his twin!  (no he isn't a twin)  And then he sat right beside me.  By this time, I was befuddled, and blurted out "You look exactly like my brother!"  He took it well and told me that everyone tells him that.  LOL  We talked most of the flight, and ogled the clouds.
I hope you enjoy my cloud pics.


rachel said...

Omg ~ I thought you really did see your brother for a second! lol

I love the cloud pics ~ they do look like an icy landscape especially that second picture. I've been watching clouds more often these days too but it's from fear of a tornado dropping down from them than anything else! lol

lilraggedyangie said...
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Cheryl said...

I read one of your posts on your daughter Angie's blog and wanted to respond to it. I could not find
how to become a follower of yours on your blog. Angie and I have started a friendship via her blog and her coming to one of the shows I did in April. She is a real sweetheart!! Your comment was asking if anyone new of a flea market this weekend within 2 hours of Columbus. Well, it just so happens that my hubby just came home from work and said that he learned of a big flea market in Reinersville, OH. I looked on the map and it is east of Columbus and south of Lancaster on State Rte 78.
Just thought I would pass that little bit of info on to you in case you decided on a road trip.
Love your cloud pictures, too!
Have a great weekend,

myomyohi said...

Thanks for the info Cheryl!

Sew Many Raggedies said...

Loved your pics! I'm always fascinated by the clouds when I'm up in a plane. It's a great experience.
Have a great weekend!

Lona said...

I have never flown so looking down on clouds would be a strange event for me too.They look pretty. They say everyone has a twin so maybe he was your brothers. How funny.