Monday, April 4, 2011

Folk art lamp - need help

I need some help. Hubby and I made this lamp out of an old windmill my father had. I don't know how to do the lampshade to compliment the base.
Question: Is the copper section between the base the light too long?
What would you suggest I do to the shade? Does the shade need to be longer? This is just an old shade I had laying around, and I'm not happy with the shape, size,.... Help! I need ideas.

Pleaes ignore our ugly carpet. Now that the dog has died, I plan to rip it up as soon as the weather warms up and refinish the wood floors underneath.


rachel said...

I think the copper part is too long -needs shortened & the shade should be maybe a longer rounder one?!?! good luck! :)

lilraggedyangie said...

I agree copper too long , and the shade def should be at least covered in a prim fabric .but what do we know we learned what we know from you lol good luck

judi said...

what a great lamp! i agree with a shorter rod. what about finding a round lampshade and cover it with a burlap feed sack?