Thursday, March 17, 2011

wings and things

I try to give each one a personality. For wings I've used metal strapping, screen wire, and vintage brass weatherstripping. Notice now one side of the brass looks dark and stripey, and the other side a burnished gold. I love that.

I also see I need to wipe the red marker off those gold wings...

What do you think? Do they need antennae? Does the biggest one need a mouth?

I have 13 more to finish in my current lot, and then I'm going to see if they sell.

Today was an extremely busy day at work. I feel whipped. I'm gonna kick my feet up and be a lazy slug tonight. I probably won't get much accomplished tonight.


rachel said...

They all look good! I vote for some kind of mouth on the big one. :)

lilraggedyangie said...

We love em all ! But maybe we are partial. lol O I am so tellin the Princess you are bein a SLUG , i know what make ya feel better...Princess snuggles n kisses ;0) Don't over do it Granny (we arent gettin any younger ya know) lol love ya princess and mommmy