Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrap metal sculpture as a gift

I have a friend and co-worker who is retiring Thursday. He is always very supportive of my artsy projects, and I thought he'd enjoy something personal as a gift. He already has 2 of my found object dragonflies, so my husband and I made this for him over the weekend. He loves to fish so I'm hopeful he'll like this.

We also made this. I need to paint it a bright color. I'm leaning toward red. Once in the ground, he'll be sitting on a perch among the flowers...

Right now my husband is doing the welding, I'm the designer, but I hope to be welding within the month. We just got a new welder.

I hope my projects inspire you to try using unwanted items in a new way, to personalize your yard.


rachel said...

I think they both turned out great! I'm sure Doug will like his fish ...I thought you were making a dog so I was surprised to see a fish! lol - turned out good though. Glad to see you & hubby both survived! :)

Marion Dunn said...

Nice! It’s so amazing how those scrap metals have transformed into these beautiful artworks. Had you not altered them, those scraps would’ve just ended up in dumpsites. It would've been such a shame if it came to that. Thanks to people like you, those things that are deemed as throwaways are converted into lovely art projects to show off. Cheers!

Marion Dunn @ Global Resources