Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am worn out!

I came straight home Friday night and went down to Mom's and scraped paint for two hours. Then I went to town and bought paint, and called my ex husband to see if I could borrow his spray gun. Then I went home and started gathering supplies for Saturday. I wanted to be super efficient and not have to run around getting supplies. I wanted to keep the troops focused and get it done. I had enough scrapers, paint brushes, beverages, screw gun, paint, gloves, tools etc. for EVERYONE. It was supposed to rain yesterday afternoon, and I knew we needed to get it done Saturday. We painted 3/4 of her garage. It was in bad shape. We also scraped and touched up a lot of spots on the house, primarily one side and the back. There were 11 of us. When we started it was in the 30's and we had to wear coats and gloves to stay warm, but then we moved to the sunny side and things warmed up. We were shucking our coats quick.

Yesterday Heather, Abbey, Angie, Rachel, Kaylee and I went to a craft show in Delaware. It wasn't great, but it was still fun to get out with just us girls. Then I wanted Heather to go down to the shop attic with me to sort stuff. I need to get that building advertised for sale. I had been up there last week and that's the one place I hadn't cleaned yet of Mom's. There was a tenant in that apartment when she died and I did all the other stuff except that attic space. So it was a waltz down memory lane for us all. As normal, it was packed full of junk :) Some is just junk, and a few treasures, lots of old lumber, and miscellaneous. Heather, Abbey, Rachel, Kimberly, Sherman, Angie and I all dug through everything, and sorted out stuff we could use for crafts, our yards etc. I gave Sherman all the unwanted metal items to haul to the dump. We had a good time digging through everything.

After I came home Mark and I worked in our yard. Our neighbors moved out months ago but left trash everywhere, which continues to blow all over our yard. He and I got out and picked up 4 trash cans of trash out of our yard and theirs, and put it out for trash pickup today. I was tired of looking at it, and seeing it everywhere.

Did a few domestic goddess duties, nursed our sick cat and went to bed tired but feeling like I accomplished alot.

How was your weekend?


lilraggedyangie said...

My weekend and week were busy but fun . Fyi Granny the kiddos are gonna get together one evening this week and start flower seeds to grow (in cups)if you would like to participate . was gonna do it tonight but am hurting so I m thinking Thursday round 7 love ya

rachel said...

Hey -that sounds like my weekend! lol All expect Friday -we were together! awwww! lol Hope you get recouperated soon!

myomyohi said...

I walked along the railroad tracks last night and picked up old railroad spikes for yard art...