Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's been quite an exciting week.

I wrecked the truck Monday night after work. As you can see the front end doesn't look terribly bad, but the estimate is $4200.00 to fix it. Problem being I had a 500 lb cast iron stove and a bunch of wood in the back. That darn stove slammed into the cab of the truck, bending the bed and cab. That's the expensive part... And don't you know I was talented enough to hit a truck with a big badass hitch on it, who rearended a mini van. Got a hefty ticket too.

Cody is flying solo this spring. No more sissy training wheels. He is doing pretty good on his own...

I rushed home Tuesday night to meet the tow truck driver. As soon as I opened the car door I knew I was in trouble. As I started across the driveway I saw him. He was standing on the sidewalk waiting for me, acting nonchelant, like he didn't notice I was there. I paniced and dialed Joe with my cell phone. I knew he had beat me home, and could come to my rescue. But he wasn't answering.... As my intruder walked up to the door and stood in the doorway, barring my entry. Now what? I tried Joe again, and finally he answered. He suggested I sneak around and come in the front door, so I did. But I still had to get rid of my stalker...
I finally had to take the broom and push, poke and herd him out away from the house. He was very resistant, but didn't spray me. I went in and got my gun to shoot him, but he must have sensed I meant business. When I came back out he was gone. Smart skunk!

Thanks to inspiration from surfing the internet, I have begun making found object dragonflies. Here are pics of a couple I have recently made out of ANTIQUE chair legs, porch railings, insulator hangers, and chair spindles.