Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He gets his good looks, and his coordination from his Granny

My poor little man..... he was running at daycare on Monday and tripped over his own feet. The table jumped out and smashed into his head. He has 8 stiches and a very sore eye. He was worried about the scar but I told him I have all kinds of scars. I told him it is his first of many if he is as graceful as his Granny.


Anonymous said...

If that doesn't get him a new toy and/or treat, nothing should! That is one bad looking gash! Janice

Smocha said...

Oh , that breaks my heart to see.
*cringe* were you there ,when he got the stitches?

At least he got them "like a big boy" . When Ian was 9 months old , I was shopping at a store that had NO carts. I sat him down between my feet ,while I was looking through a rack of clothes,he flopped his head forward ,hit it on the bottom of the rack and split his eyelid wide open.

Goo lawd! you'd think the kid could sit up ,at 9 months old:)

Anonymous said...

rain....rain....rain....over 3 inches and it's going to last thru tomorrow. If your weather is bad, take the time to update! Janice