Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where did summer go?

Here are some pics from our active weekend.

Heather and I playing cornhole.

Yes, the fat chick is me! ack

Here's Mark playing cornhole.

Kaylee lookin' pretty.


Oldy said...

awww. everyone looks good. especially the baby. :)

what the hell is cornhole? lol

myomyohi said...

You've never played cornhole? OMG, you'd become addicted! It's like horseshoes but way better. We love to play. Mark and I made to game sets a couple weeks ago.

desert dirt diva said...

whats cornhle????
the pirate pics are cute.. my 8 year old for her next party wants a biker(bicycle)party with a harley cake....where she came up with that i don't know...

myomyohi said...

Cornhole is like horseshoes but you have wooden boards with a hole in them, and bags filled with corn that you try to throw and get through the hole. Its a lot of fun.